Spring Is In The Air!

Spring is in the air everywhere I look around!

Spring officially started on 20th March this year and ends on Thursday 21st June but the last couple of days have felt that spring has finally, really sprung!

From the beautiful early morning mists which cleared away to beautiful sunshine, the stunning gardens at Newton Meadows are wonderful to behold.

Our little lone duck (sometimes he has friends!) is happy to receive an early morning feed as he/she swims in the mere at the bottom of the garden and awaits the sun breaking through as the morning progresses.

Even our regular visitor; a handsome, colourful pheasant is happily feeding away and enjoying the Spring sunshine.  Getting a good photo is quite difficult as he tends to scarper at the slightest sound but I think this is good enough to show him off!







And of course the amazing golden daffodils all around the gardens.  What a joy!






“Beside the lake, beneath the trees. Fluttering and dancing in the breeze. Continuous as the stars that shine. And twinkle on the milky way. They stretched in never-ending line.”

William Wordsworth ………….

Janice McNicol, Manager

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