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Janice’s 12 Makes and Bakes of Christmas!-Part 1


Jemma Cupcake’s youtube videos have been a complete inspiration since I began re-visiting my baking efforts of the past.   She has a shop in Soho called Crumbs and Doilies and the next time I am in London visiting the family I intend paying her shop a visit.  Her videos are entertaining as well as instructional and she is an absolute natural presenter giving instructions which are clear, concise and easy to follow! 

So here is a link to her “mincemeat” video:-

I have listed the ingredients below and all you do is make sure all the ingredients are chopped to the same size as your “holy trinity” of Christmas fruits – currants, sultanas and raisins.

The recipe below will be enough for 3 dozen mince pies but if you are not making as many as that the mincemeat will keep in a cool, dark place for up to six months.  You can even give some away as a “foodie” Christmas treat!    Here is my effort all jarred up and ready to go!

The ingredients are as follows:-

125g currants

125g raisins

125g sultanas

65g candied orange peel

25g stem ginger

100g bramley apple

125g suet

85g demerara sugar

25g dark muscovado sugar

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp mixed spice

110ml brandy/amaretto

Will post an image of my pies when they are made if they look good!