Janice’s 12 Makes and Bakes of Christmas!-Part 4


Actually my Christmas preparation started in November when I made my Christmas Cake from my very favourite Delia Smith recipe.

I know it’s too late now to make a cake, but for future reference you can get Delia Smith’s recipe on the following link:-


It has been fed copiously with brandy over the weeks and yesterday was the time to put on the marzipan.



I hadn’t made my own cake for many years so I knew the recipe I would make, (Delia’s), but had to remind myself how to put the marzipan on and found this excellent Waitrose youtube video which is simple and straightforward.   It shows you both how to marzipan and ice your cake.

It’s good to put the marzipan on a week before you ice it – if you can –  and then ice it as near to Christmas as possible.


Once you have put the marzipan on the cake it’s best not to put it back in the tin you were storing it in – just wrap it in a  tea -towel until ready to ice and decorate.

Watch this space iced and decorated cake to follow!

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