Great News For Family Dining!

Family Dining at The Bridgewater

Great news for everyone holidaying at Newton Meadows!

The Bridgewater Arms, which is walking distance from Newton Meadows,  provides a fantastic  range of different menus to suit every possible taste and budget.  Oh, and some of the dishes are calorie counted.  I know it’s holiday time but just saying………………

There’s a bar menu, and a la carte menu, seasonal specials menu and a list of daily specials,  but the two menus I particularly want to mention are the “2 Main Meals for £8.99” served from 11.30 AM to 6 PM, available Monday to Saturday and the Children’s Menu  “Any 2 Courses for £1.99”  also Monday to Saturday, available before 5PM.

Fantastic value…………..I’ll let you do the maths!

Have a look for yourself.



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