Newton Meadows

Beauty Secrets in the Garden Room!

Beauty Secrets in the Garden Room!

The garden room at Newton Meadows provided a wonderful backdrop for Katie Begley’s Beauty Secrets Workshop.







Its informal, calm and relaxing setting was perfect for this entertaining and informative workshop and from the great feedback on Katie’s Facebook page, I am confident her future workshops will be very popular.

Katie kicked off the first in her series of Beauty and Skin care workshops at Newton Meadows with a bang!

So, without giving away too many secrets…….Katie’s first workshop was jam-packed with information about individual skin-care and definitely fitted the criteria of one solution doesn’t fit all.

Her passion about valuing the uniqueness of the individual and remaining beautiful throughout the different stages of your life,  naturally,  from adolescence to maturity, are refreshing in today’s world of more extreme techniques.

She also gave us a demonstration of her non-invasive facial toning machine which created a great deal of interest.

From the feedback Katie has received everyone had a great evening.  For more information and comments you can visit Katie’s Facebook Page.

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I can’t wait for the next workshop!

Janice McNicol, Manager